Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug – A Gift From Amanda

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When I got home today Amanda had a present for me. After my recent renewal of love for coffee (thanks to Jason and Bo at Wake Up Coffee) I mentioned wishing I had my own mug. Amanda knew I had my eye on this one and gave it to me today. So I brewed a cup of Ethiopian from Wake Up to break it in.

Thanks Amanda! You’re the best! Love you!

Canon Lens Mug 24-105

Canon Lens Mug 24-105

6 Responses

  1. Cheryl Joy
    | Reply

    Ha! Weird! :)

  2. Tracy Grant
    | Reply

    where did you find that .. and how do i get one .. a must have.

  3. Pat Pine Gros
    | Reply

    Oh I want one. Where did she ever find it. I need it.

  4. Tracy Grant
    | Reply

    found some on ebay … but, hope they have one locally .. they also make a Nikon cup

  5. Jeannie Reeves
    | Reply

    I have wanted the 70-200 L coffee mug for a while now. :)

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